Mirror Mirror, On The Wall – Challenge Terms

Scenario: The new Sunnydale High is holding a beauty pageant (can either be independent or part of a national contest (as in the film “Drop Dead Gorgeous”). Dawn wants to take part.

Timing: Anytime post-“Bargaining” except the period from “Entropy” through to the end of S6.

Must include:

  • Reference to Buffy’s pageant experience.

Must include at least 2 of:

  • “Uh, uh. No way. You are not wearing that in public!”
  • A pink ribbon.
  • “I’m Miss World” by Hole
  • A discussion between Willow and Tara about this where one takes a stance of it being harmless fun and the other that beauty pageants degrade women by reducing them to sex objects for men.
  • Dawn practicing a tearful acceptance speech in front of the mirror being watched (unbeknownst to her) by at least one of Buffy, Xander or Giles.
  • Xander or Anya jokingly suggesting that someone cast a spell on one or more of the other contestants to give them really bad acne. Dawn gets quite interested in this until it’s pointed out that if she did so the karmic payback would probably give her a far worse case.
  • Dawn trying to work out what she could do for a talent.
  • Reference to at least one of “Drop Dead Gorgeous”, “Miss Congeniality” or another film with a beauty pageant at its core. Must include actual reference to events or the plot of the film, not just be mentioned.
  • “Wow!” in response to Dawn in an evening gown.
  • A contestant (not Dawn, if she takes part) being really bitchy and later having something really embarrassing happen to her.
  • Hairspray or toupee tape being used to hold an item of clothing in position when worn. (Toupee tape is a clear double-sided sticky tape designed to hold toupees in place. It is also used often to hold clothing in position when it would be likely to fall off/open (think of the sort of gowns the likes of J-Lo wear to awards ceremonies), hairspray is often used to stop swimwear riding up and exposing more than it should).